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What are the best garage door springs?

There are two different kinds of garage door springs—torsion springs and extension springs. The garage door springs serve to counterbalance the weight of the door and are one of the reasons that your garage doors open and close so easily.

However, replacing garage door springs is not something that you should attempt on your own, because both types of springs are under a great deal of pressure within the system.

The best garage door springs are the ones that are designed to work with your specific system. You can see torsion springs just above your closed garage door, while the upper tracks on both sides of the garage are where extension springs can be found. If your springs are squeaking and making a great deal of noise, you should probably call the professionals at Garage Door Pro and have them checked out to ensure they don’t break and drop your heavy garage door on your vehicle—or on you!

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Garage door springs tracks
Garage door springs tracks

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