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What is the best garage door keypad?

If you’ve ever forgotten your keys and your garage door remote on the same day, you can know what a problem it can be! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple keypad on the side of your home or garage that would let you in with a few simple taps of the buttons? A universal garage keypad can come in either wireless or wired technology and can even be programmed to lock the doors as well as raise the garage door.

Garage door keypads are also a great way to let people into your home if you don’t want to give them a key or don’t have a key to pass along because when you change the code—they automatically lose access to your home. Choosing a garage keypad can be confusing because it has to mesh well with your garage door system, so the best option is to call in a professional garage door service team from Garage Door Pro to ensure you’re choosing the correct keypad that will work with your existing system.

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Garage door keypad on a home for security
Garage door keypad on a home for security

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