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Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair: DIY or Hire a Pro?
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Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Nowadays, garage door openers are typically simple mechanisms that can last for several years. However, even if yours seems to be working well, there are sometimes excellent reasons to replace it. Many of the newest models on the market have better security, increased safety options, and are more convenient to operate. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why you may want to replace the garage door opener at your home.

Garage Door Opener Safety Reversal Systems

Any garage door opener made and sold in North America after 1993 has been required to have specific safety reversing features. While there is a mechanical safety reversal, the new requirement was a photocell sensor system. This safety feature requires two sensors to be installed about six inches from the ground on each side of the garage door. If a pet, child, or something else is in the way of those sensors, the beam that is between them is broken. That makes the door completely stop and reverse to go back up into the garage ceiling.

If you have an older garage door without this feature, you should replace the garage door opener. Not doing so is a safety issue and could lead to injury or even death in the worst case. This same rule applies if your door opener does have this feature, but it is no longer working the way it should be.

Controlling Noise of Garage Door Opener

Older garage doors openers can be extremely loud, especially for those who live directly above the garage. The good news is that when you replace the garage door opener, this problem may all but disappear. Modern door openers are quieter by virtue of their design.

If you have an older door opener, it’s probably operated using a chain drive. You can determine if you have this type of operation by looking at the garage door opener motor. If you see something that looks similar to a bicycle chain, you are utilizing a chain drive. Replacing it with a belt drive or a screw drive will significantly decrease the amount of noise that is produced when it is operated.

Improved Security Features of Garage Door Opener

It is much simpler for thieves to find their way into your garage, scurrying away with your belongings, if you have an older garage door opener. The remote controls of the past will have a code that is used to open the door and that code never changes. A would-be thief can utilize a specialized device, sit outside your house, and get the code as you open or close the garage door yourself. Once you’re gone, that same person can use that code and get inside just as quickly as you can. That can be a pretty scary thought and is one of the most important reasons to replace a garage door opener that is getting on in the years.

With the modern garage door openers, the codes are no longer fixed. Instead, they are rolling. That means that every time someone uses the door opener, the code changes. It’s all but impossible to determine what code will be used next, meaning those thieves can’t get into your garage nearly as easily as they could before. If no other reason resonates with you, this one is often the kicker for finally switching out an old garage door opener.

Convenient Keyless Entry

If your garage door opener is one of the older models, it’s unlikely that you have a mounted keypad outside of the garage. This type of system allows you to punch in a code on the keypad to open or close the garage door. You don’t even need a key. That means you can get inside even if you’ve lost your house key, or your child who always forgets to take theirs to school can get in through the garage when they get home. It’s super convenient and useful to anyone with a garage.

In some cases, you can purchase a keypad which is installed with the garage door opener you already have. However, if that isn’t possible, it may mean it’s an excellent time to upgrade your door opener. If you go with one of the most high-tech options, you won’t even need a code to get inside. All you must do is place your fingertip on the keypad and it will open up.

Backup Battery Power

If you have ever gone through a power outage and had no way to use your garage door opener, you probably know how frustrating the situation can be. When you replace the garage door opener, this is another problem that can easily be solved. Some of the high-quality door openers on the market today have backup batteries integrated into them. That means that if the power cuts out, the battery backup will jump and take care of operating the garage door until the power is back. The battery capacity is usually substantial and will be more than enough to get you through a power outage.

Making the Upgrade

When you are considering the replacement of your garage door opener, there are a few options to consider. You can get a garage door opener at a major retailer or often can find a few available at the local hardware store. The problem with this is that the selection in these locations is usually small and composed of less quality than the ones you can find elsewhere.

The best option is to speak with a professional garage door technician, who can give you advice on the best door opener to meet your needs. If you want a fingerprint keypad, you will get it. If you want a higher level of security in other ways, they will know how to provide it. The best part is that this person can also replace the garage door opener for you and make sure that it functions properly. You’ll be set up and ready to take advantage of the best of modern garage door opener technology.



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