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How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

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Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

You’ve seen it before when you were house-hunting or maybe just driving around—a gorgeous home, but it looks like the entire house is being taken over by the garage! Or, you have a normal-sized home, but the garage door looks so small and cramped that you’re pretty sure you can’t drive your SUV into the garage. These are equally bad issues, making it important to ensure that you choose the right size garage door for your home the first time.

There are some common width and height measurements to consider that will allow you to stay within your budget: 8×7, 9×7 and 10×7 which should work well for a normal-sized car, SUV, van or truck – with all of these sizes being for a single garage door. Double garage doors are larger: 12 x 7 feet, 14 x 7, and even 16 x 7 to make it easier to fit in multiple vehicles or maybe just one really large vehicle. If you’re replacing an existing garage door, be sure you measure carefully to get just the size that you need.

Not all garage doors are basic and boring; you can also add some fashion to them with advanced panel designs, colors and more. In general, you can select short- or long-raised panels, painted panels, and even choose the number of layers that you want to have in your garage door to either keep the initial cost down or to ameliorate the long-term concerns of heat loss through your garage door with double-layer steel or other insulated doors.

Making sure you get just the right garage doors is something that your Garage Door Pro team really excels at—plus you’re able to get your garage door installed hassle-free and without long delays.


How To Choose Your Perfect Garage Doors

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