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5 Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Springs & Openers

Replace garage door springs and openers
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Maintaining a home is hard work. Making sure that all the public areas are well-kept and clean are all essential parts of home maintenance. Most homeowners fail to remember one part of the house that also needs routine maintenance is the garage doors.

Even if they seem to be functioning just fine, checking on your garage doors regularly is vital. It isn’t recommended to wait until the doors malfunction before having them checked.

However, many people are unaware of how to tell if their garage doors springs and openers need to be replaced. Here are a few tips to help you.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Springs & Openers

If you are unsure of when your garage door springs and openers need replacing, here are a few tips on how to tell.

1 – Signs of Age, Rust, and Damage

If the physical look of your doors is old and worn out, it may be high time to consider getting new ones. Look out for signs of rust and damage to the doors. Even the smallest amount of damage may cause doors to malfunction, especially if they are not appropriately maintained.

2 – They Don’t Close Fully

Some doors that have seen their fair share of extreme weather may not fully close anymore. For example, if some moisture gets stuck in between the hinges of the doors during the cold months, they could freeze. It will expand the door hinges and damage the door hinges. When the ice melts, the door hinges will not go back to the way they were before.

3 – Noisy Doors

Doors that create noise when they are opened or closed are usually those that have damage that is unseen to the naked eye. There is a chance that the door hinges may need a good oiling. However, there is a chance that the problem may be much more severe than that.

4 – Slow Response to Commands

Automatic garage doors also need to be maintained. Since they have a mechanism, they have greater chances of malfunctioning. If you notice that your garage doors are responding slower than they usually would, it may be a sign that your doors may need maintenance or replacement.

5 – They Are Off the Normal Tracks

If you have garage doors that are off their tracks (for sliding doors) or have weakened hinges, you are pushing your luck if you think that these doors will last longer than a few more months. Doors that have weak hinges or are off their tracks will not serve their purpose and may cause damage to the things in your garage if they fall off their hinges.


It’s vital to keep your garage door springs and openers regularly replaced to keep your garage door in good condition. At Garage Door Pro, we provide a wide range of garage door services in Carmel, IN, including repair, replacement, and installation. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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