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How Does a Universal Garage Door Remote Work?

Universal garage door remote
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You may have heard the term “universal garage door remote” and wondered how something that’s “universal” can possibly keep your home secure. Turns out, a universal garage door remote is just a replacement that will work on nearly any system in case you’re not able to find the exact match for your current garage door opener that’s already installed in your home. Before you spend a great deal of time trying to find your garage door style, and part number and then figure out whether or not they are still manufacturing the remote that you need, take a moment to learn more about universal garage door remotes and whether they might provide a solution for you.

Garage door remotes work by actively signaling the door components to turn on the motor and either raise the door up or to bring it down, via the chain attached to the door.

Program a Universal Garage Door Remote

When you program a universal garage door remote, you still must have access to the garage door workings before you can get it synced up with your particular system. It’s important to note that a universal remote may or may not work (well, or at all!) with a generic, non-name brand garage door remote—mostly because security components may not be fully compatible.

Universal garage door remotes are often programmed by pushing a series of buttons on the new remote as well as on the current remote or on the garage door opener system itself. This helps ensure that you continue to be safe even when using something that is billed as a “universal” garage door opener. When you need help installing a new garage door or simply want a new remote and don’t have time to figure out which universal remote will work for you, give Garage Door Pro a call today.


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