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Broken Garage Door Spring Is No Joy!

Garage Door Pro Broken Spring
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Garage Door Pro-broken spring

Broken garage door spring

Garage Door Pro-replaced spring

Replaced garage door spring

Winter in Indiana is known for a season of broken garage door springs.

Each garage door spring is engineered for about 10000 cycles. We use our garage door at least twice a day (2 cycles), in reality this number is closer to 4 cycles.

If you do quick math assuming 4 cycles per day, you will get the number of years that spring should last, which is about 7 years. Add freezing temperatures into the mix and realistic life expectation of a spring drops to about 5 years if not less.

Bottom line:

if your garage door spring is about 5 years old, don’t wait for it to break, replace it proactively to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Garage Door Pro - broken spring

Broken garage door spring

Garage Door Pro - replaced spring

Replaced garage door spring


How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

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