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The Basics Behind Replacing Garage Door Springs

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Replacing Garage Door Springs

When your garage door springs need repair, it’s not uncommon for the springs to require complete replacement. The reason behind this is because the springs keep operating as long as they possibly can, but then fail when they do break. The springs of your garage door are not part of the opener, they are instead part of the garage door itself. They are responsible for making the door lower and raise more easily. While they can last for years on end, eventually the constant lifting and lowering, along with temperature chances, can weaken the metal and cause a break.

Before you hire someone to replace the garage door springs, you should know that there are many types of springs available. You also need to consider whether you want a professional to do the job or you want to attempt it on your own. This article will look into how to determine the springs you have, how to handle a spring that is broken, and who should be in charge of the process required to fix them.

Determining a Spring is Broken

You probably won’t realize that your garage door springs are broken until you notice that your door opener seems to be producing a lot of noise or running less smoothly than usual. You may also try to lift the door and realize it’s much heavier than it should be. The springs handle a lot of the weight of the garage door, which can be hundreds of pounds, which makes lifting it very hard or even impossible. Even one of two springs breaking can cause this problem.

In most cases, the springs break because they have been pulled too far while under tension. If you hear the spring break, it will sound similar to a gunshot. You may not immediately know what caused the noise, but the heavier door will clue you in.

Staying Safe

If you have an electronic door opener and are pretty sure one of the springs may have broken, you must avoid disconnecting the garage door and the opener when the door is ajar. If you do this, it’s going to cause the door to crash down with its entire weight. This can lead to serious injury or even death. Leaving the door open at all when you need to replace the garage door springs should be avoided. Someone might try to attempt closing the door without realizing that it will be extremely heavy. They also might pull the release handle and cause injury to themselves or others.

For those who wish to keep the door open while repairing the springs, you will need to make sure the door track is blocked on both sides first. If you have a door opener, you will also need to unplug it while repairs are being done. If you prefer to close the door, you can attempt it first with the door opener, but be sure nothing is in the way in case something bad happens. This can strain the opener, though. You could also bring on some helpers to hold the door while it’s being disconnected from the opener, so it can be closed manually, but it will be extremely heavy.

Garage Door Spring Types

When we’re talking about residential garage doors, there are two types of springs: extension and torsion. The torsion spring is a heavy-duty spring that is mounted onto a metal rod which is above the door opening, parallel to the door. A twisting action is used to tension, or load, these springs. When you close the garage door, the cables located at the bottom of the door pull on pulleys that are connected to the rod where the springs have been mounted. The pulley turns the rod which twists the springs and leads to tension. When opening the door, the springs will unwind and assist in lifting the garage door.

The other type of springs, extension springs, are mounted above the door tracks and run perpendicular to the garage door. To tension these springs, they are stretched using pulleys and cables. This type of spring system requires a safety cable to run through both springs, which will contain it if the spring breaks. If the cable wasn’t there, a spring breaking while under tension would be a major safety issue. For those who have older doors that don’t include safety cables, you need to replace the garage door springs or at least install cables for safety.

Choosing Who Should Replace Springs

It is recommended that you choose a professional to replace your garage door springs. That is because there is a lot of room for error and error can lead to serious injury. If you are determined to do the replacement yourself, there are many things you need to understand first. The first is that you should not consider this option unless you are already handy and understand the basics of mechanical systems. The procedures aren’t difficult, but they have to be done right and in the correct order. You also must ensure you have the right parts as spring size has a huge impact on the process.

We recommend you hire a professional garage door technician to replace the garage door springs. This is especially important when repairing torsion springs, which are difficult to work with. You may save a few dollars choosing to attempt a DIY remedy, but you can also end up in serious hot water if anything goes wrong. It’s simply not worth the potential for disaster.

The good thing about hiring a professional is that they will have the materials needed and can make any additional repairs that may be needed. In addition, if they believe having a new garage door installed, they can help you determine what your options are. They will also check after installation or repair to be sure the door is functioning properly and is safe for you and your family members to operate.

It’s important to replace garage door springs that are broken, but it’s just as important to do it right. Make sure you stay safe when having this repair completed.


How to Replace Garage Door Springs

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